FAQ - for Requester


How will the request be activated ?
After submission we will send you an email to confirm your email. Upon confirmation your request will be checked by a portal administrator. When the request is activated it is inserted in the list of requests. You will be subsequently informed of the successful activation by email.

How can I create a successful request ?
It is important to enter a good description of the request to ensure that it will be send to suitable suppliers by the administrator. It is also important to fill all the required fields correctly so suppliers can contact you.

Where can I find all the requests?
Requests can be found under the "Find requests" menu item, where you can browse through different categories and locations of available requests. To get contact information about the requester you need to be registered as supplier with a valid tariff.

How to cancel the request?
To cancel the request it is necessary to contact our support team by email. Our support team will delete the request from the database of requests.

How can I find more details about the suppliers?
You can find out more detailed information about the registered companies under the section "Catalogue". There you can find a detailed list of the companies which you can search according to the categories.

If you have any questions apart from those already answered above, please do not hesitate to contact us at our email: support@irequest.ca. We will be pleased to answer any questions.

FAQ for Suppliers

Registration on the www.iRequest.ca is FREE and can be done here

What are the benefits of registering??
Your company will get listed in our business directory as well as you will get new requests that falls under selected criteria directly to your mailbox.

What i get when i upgrade my acount to premium service (optional)?
With premium service you get access to requests in all categories and receives emails for new requests in selected categories with full contact information on requester. As premium user you can manage/select up to 10 subcategories for your company in the control panel. Premium users gets also better chance for google users to find their website on the internet.

What is the price of premium service (optional)?
Upgrade is possible in your control panel, and you can select from these tariffs:
Tariff Short - validity 3 months, total price $ 120
Tariff Standard - validity 6 months, total price $190
Tariff Extended - validity 12 months, total price $280

Are there any differences in Tariffs?
The service is identical in all tariffs, the only difference is the price and the duration.

How is the service activated?
Activating the service may take about 2-3 business days after the order is processed and you will be informed with email.

How do I extend the Service?
Extension of the services takes place after the expiry of the Tariff ordered. Even after the expiration date, requests will be sent. However, the contact information will not be displayed until the service fee is paid. A direct link to the extension page will be attached. As soon as the service is extended, you will get full access to the contacts with requests. Settings and passwords remain in its original form.

Limitations of the Service

Can I have multiple email addresses?
Requests can be sent to only one email address, the system does not allow more addresses for transmission. You can set up forwarding in 5 categories. From these categories we will send you all the newly submitted requests including contacts.

If you have any questions, apart from those already answered above, please do not hesitate to contact us at our email: support@irequest.ca. We will be pleased to answer any questions.

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