Terms and Conditions - Supplier, Registered Companies

1. These Terms and Conditions are effective from December 1st, 2013.

2. Supplier, Registered Company
For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a supplier is any person who orders paid tariffs and provides supplies for a requester - They can access the contact information of the requesters in the system of iRequest.ca
( Here on after reffered to as " Supplier" )

Description of the Service

3. Sending requests on email
serves to obtain requests for registered suppliers. A request is sent from the requester to find suitable suppliers for goods and services. A service controls and sends the requests to selected suppliers and allows the suppliers to view contact information for the purpose of cooperation. The service is operated by iRequest.ca. Registration to www.iRequest.ca  is required for suppliers. (online form is available on the website)

4. Registration
Registration for suppliers can be filled out using a web registration form, available at: http://www.irequest.ca/actions/register-provider. As part of the registration the supplier will be included in the catalogue of suppliers.

5. Registration on the server of iRequest.ca and insertion to the catalogue of companies is absolutely free.

6. Sending the requests
Requests will be sent to the supplier directly from the selected categories immediately after publication. Requests can be sent to only one e-mail address. The business between suppliers and requesters does not provide any commission to the service provider. Requests are sent from 5 categories.

7. Premium Service Function for Supplier (optional)
Upgrade to a Premium Supplier on the server iRequest.ca is possible in control panel accessible with username and password sent after registration. Premium service allows you to gain access to contact information of requesters in emails and categories on www.iRequest.ca. Premium service access is limited to 10 viewable contacts in a duration of one login. One login can be performed by one computer for the duration of 24 hours. The user's browser must support cookies.

8. Duration of the Premium Service for supplier (optional)
Duration of the service is launched immediately after processing the order (up to 3 business days after submission). A complete payment means that the payment is transferred to the account of the service provider. The service is completed according to the chosen tariff (12 or 24 months).


9. Service Provider
The service provider may cancel the cooperation if the supplier is violating the Terms and Conditions, good morals, interest of third parties, service provider of the server, distribute query content in any way without the agreement of the service provider, spreading their access codes to the system. Sends unsolicited business messages, offers services not related to request (unsolicited offers) and exploits obtained contacts for fraudulent activity. Failure to meet these obligations reserves the service provider the right to delete and unsubscribe the supplier from the system.

Privacy Policy

The service provider collects data from the supplier about their personal information ( Name, Surname, Address, Contact details, Company name) with the agreement of the suppliers or companies. The supplier further agrees, that the data will automatically be published in the catalogue of suppliers on the website www.iRequest.ca. The data above is used for business cooperation between the supplier or company and the requester.

In addition, you agree and acknowledge that iRequest.ca may send email messages including, but not limited to, notifications, special offers, promotions, commercial advertisements, and marketing materials, in connection with the iRequest.ca Services. The suppliers and registered companies with premium service has the right to disable commercial emails.

After expiry of the paid service on www.iRequest.ca, the service provider has the right to keep the supplier's contact information for internal use, unless the supplier requests deletion.

The service provider provides personal data solely for the purpose of providing business requests. Stored personal data of suppliers can be changed at any time in their customer profile.


The service provider does not guarantee continuous functioning of the system, impeccable service and security of the system. By registering the company you unconditionally agree to these Terms and Conditions. Further particulars and relations, as well as the content of registration shall not be inconsistent with the generally applicable laws and related regulations.

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to regulate the contractual relationship between the supplier and the service provider of the service - providing access to contact information of the requester on www.iRequest.ca.

The contractual relationship based on the following terms is between the supplier and the service provider of the service immediately after confirmation of a completed order.

These Terms and Conditions become valid and effective with their publication. iRequest.ca reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions. Changes and its effectiveness will be published appropriately on the website www.iRequest.ca.