Terms and Conditions - Requester

1. . These Terms and Conditions are effective from December 1st, 2013.

2. Requester
For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a requester is any person who enters requests on www.iRequest.ca
( Here on after reffered to as " Requester" )

3. Description of the Service
A request means an action aiming to finding a supplier for the request on the basis of the requester's proposed request in correspondance with the rules.

The service controls and sends relevant and corresponding requests to selected registered suppliers and displays contacts for the purpose of business. .

Entering request through iRequest.ca allows the requester to easily, quickly and effeciently send requests to relevant suppliers and gain a range of offers to choose from. After entering requests, it is recieved by an operator, who publishes it within 1 - 2 business days and sends it to individual suppliers who are registered on www.iRequest.ca .

The service provider has the right to contact the requester to supplement and verify the request.

Requests which are posted on www.iRequest.ca   are visible contact information of the requester for only registered suppliers in paid system.

Request submitting is free, the requester does not pay any fees to the service provider for submitting requests and for distribution to relevant suppliers.

Conditions for adding requests: (The requester is obligated to state the following details).
    - Enter full contact details and request description with maximum responsibility.
    - The size of the attachment is limited, a maximum of 1file which can have a max. size of 3MB.
    - The request and the contact information have to be enter truthfully.

The primary interest of the requester must be to obtain a suitable supplier for business. A service can not be missued to monitor the market or other negative purpose.

The sence behind the submition of the request can not be hidden in purpose of offering and promoting your own goods & services.

The requester has to agree with all the contact information on www.irequest.ca .

Request Cancelation

4. Service Provider
The service provider reserves the right to cancel the request if the requester is inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions, morality, violating the interest of third person, the service provider and conditions for request submitting. Breaking these Terms and Conditions gives the service provider the right to cancel the request and not send the request to suppliers.

The service provider reserves the right to not send requests that do not meet the minimum range of the request ($100).

5. Requester
The requester may ask the operator of the service to cancel the request on the website www.iRequest.ca. The requests which were already sent to the suppliers cannot be edited or deleted.

6. Privacy Policy
The service provider collects data from the requester about their personal information ( Name, Surname, Address, Contact details) with the agreement of the requester. This information serves for business requests between suppliers and requesters.

The service provider has the right to send emails with news and business information, special offers, advertising and so on to requester. The requester has the right to disable commercial emails.

The service provider provides personal data solely for the purpose of providing business requests.

7. General
The service provider does not guarantee continuous functioning of the system, impeccable service and security of the system. By submitting the request you unconditionally agree to these Terms and Conditions. Further particulars and relations, as well as the content of registration shall not be inconsistent with the generally applicable laws and related regulations.

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to regulate the contractual relationship between the requester and the service provider of the service - providing requests for registered suppliers.

The contractual relationship based on the following terms is between the requester and the service provider of the service immediately after confirmation of the request.

The requester agrees that he/she can receive specified e-mail offers from suppliers. The provider is not responsible for the content provided by the requester or supplier.

The requester agrees that the content of the request can be modified by the provider however the concept of the request will not change.

These Terms and Conditions become valid and effective with their publication. Provider of iRequest.ca. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions. Changes and its effectiveness will be published appropriately on the website www.iRequest.ca.